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At D & D Home Inspection Services, we specialize in providing comprehensive, professional home inspection services in Goldsboro, North Carolina. Our team of experts is dedicated to ensuring the safety, efficiency, and integrity of your home or business property. With years of experience and a commitment to excellence, we offer a range of specialized inspection services to meet your specific needs.

Mold Testing in Goldsboro NC

Why Choose D & D Home Inspection Services for Mold Testing?

Mold can be a silent but dangerous presence in any property. At D & D Home Inspection Services, we provide thorough mold testing to ensure your home or business is safe and healthy. Our expert inspectors use the latest technology and methods to identify mold presence, type, and extent of infestation. We offer:

  • Detailed mold testing and analysis.
  • Recommendations for mold remediation.
  • Advice on preventing future mold growth.

Choose us to safeguard your property against the risks of mold.

Asbestos Testing in Goldsboro NC

Why Hire Us for Asbestos Inspection and Testing?

Asbestos, once a popular construction material, is now known for its health risks. Our asbestos testing services are essential for older properties in Goldsboro. We provide:

  • Comprehensive asbestos inspection and sampling.
  • Laboratory analysis to confirm the presence of asbestos.
  • Guidance on managing or removing asbestos safely.

Trust D & D Home Inspection Services to detect and handle asbestos-related concerns with utmost professionalism.

Lead Paint Testing in Goldsboro NC

Lead Paint Testing Expertise

Lead paint is a significant health hazard, especially in older buildings. Our lead paint testing services include:

  • Thorough inspection for lead-based paints.
  • Detailed reports on lead presence and concentration.
  • Recommendations for lead paint management or removal.

Rely on our expertise to ensure your property is safe from the dangers of lead paint.

Crawlspace Moisture Inspection in Goldsboro NC

Protect Your Property with Our Crawlspace Moisture Inspection

Crawlspaces are prone to moisture problems that can lead to structural damage and health issues. Our crawlspace inspections focus on:

  • Identifying sources of moisture and water intrusion.
  • Assessing potential damage caused by moisture.
  • Suggesting effective solutions for moisture control.

Choose us for a comprehensive evaluation of your property’s crawlspace.

Attic Inspection in Goldsboro NC

Comprehensive Attic Inspection Services

The attic is a critical component of your property’s overall health. Our attic inspection services include:

  • Detailed examination of insulation, ventilation, and structural integrity.
  • Identification of potential issues like pest infestation or water damage.
  • Professional advice on improving your attic’s condition.

Ensure your attic is in top shape with our expert inspection services.

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